Winter Wheat

Why grow winter wheat?

AWC makes it a priority to invest in areas that have the potential to increase the profitability of wheat and Alberta’s wheat farmers. Winter wheat falls into this category with identified opportunity to benefit the wheat value chain from farmer to end-user. For farmers, it has great potential to perform well both agronomically and economically; it’s typically high yielding, lowers input costs, and spreads out the work in a farmers growing season. Additionally, winter wheat offers excellent potential for good returns – in the international marketplace, it’s perfect for the Asian market for products like steam buns and noodles.

The challenge is that the awkward timing of seeding winter wheat during harvest has resulted in low acreage in Western Canada. So the international winter wheat market is actually untapped and buyers are looking elsewhere for a product that Western Canadian farmers could be supplying – if they were prepared to move past that mindset. If farmers grew more winter wheat ensuring a reliable supply for our international customers, winter wheat would be another opportunity to expand our international market potential. 

In recognizing this opportunity for wheat farmers and the Canadian wheat brand, AWC has invested in winter wheat from several different corners of the value chain. We invested $150,000 in winter wheat agronomy in March of 2015. We invested $75,000 in Cigi’s winter wheat technical specialist position in September, 2014, and we participate in new crop missions annually, resulting in market intelligence that indicates excellent potential for winter wheat for specific markets.


AWC has invested in winter wheat to give farmers even more reason to grow it. We see an opportunity to improve your bottom line, and in-turn, we see greater market opportunities to build the Canadian wheat brand. Learn more about how AWC is working for farmers with winter wheat.

Additional AWC winter wheat information:

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