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Brennan Turner

Brennan Turner is the Founder & CEO of, North America’s Grain Marketplace. He holds a degree in economics from Yale University and spent time on Wall Street in commodity trade and analysis before starting FarmLead. In 2017, Brennan was named to Fast Company’s List of Most Creative People in Business and, in 2018, a Henry Crown Fellow as part of the Aspen Institute. He is originally from Foam Lake, Saskatchewan where his family started farming the land nearly 100 years ago (and still do to this day on more than 50,000 acres!). Brennan’s comments on grain markets are regularly featured in everything from small-town newspapers to large media outlets like CNBC and Bloomberg.



Corn Provides Support for Wheat Prices

In the second week of June, winter wheat prices gained some ground on corn prices hitting new five-year highs, but hard red spring wheat prices in Minneapolis lost some ground on anticipated rains for Western Canada. Corn prices improved by 9% or nearly 40 cents USD/bushel in Chicago thanks to the USDA felling their estimate for average…

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A June Divergence of Wheat Prices

Ahead of the June WASDE report, out on Tuesday, June 12th, Minneapolis hard red spring wheat was the only grain that made any significant gains for the first full trading week of June. One of the reasons behind those gains is there continues to be strong demand for high protein and, as mentioned in last week’s column, Australia likely…

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Wheat Finding Weather Premiums (Finally)

Wheat prices found the biggest gains last week as major American winter wheat production areas – especially Kansas – have seen more precipitation in the month of May than pretty much any other year in the record books.

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Are Wheat Markets Ready to Rock and Roll?

Through this past weekend, America HRS and durum wheat planting is still a bit behind their seasonal averages, and albeit the planting pace picked up last week, progress is widely variable depending where you farm in the Northern Plains. This was compounded towards the end of last week as some parts of Montana and North Dakota got hit…

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Flipping the Focus on Wheat

Recently, Statistics Canada gave us their estimates for 2019 acres in Canada and the most obvious numbers were canola acres dropping a bit but wheat acres going up. As you can tell in the below table, every category of wheat is expected to see more area planted except for durum. Since I’ve talked about the expected increase in wheat…

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Wheat Prices Give Us Something to Talk About

Wheat prices have been trying to find a spark to help push it higher, but the complex seems to be anchored in two major facts: abundant world supplies and a bearish outlook for potentially a bumper crop in the northern hemisphere. More specifically, wheat prices are taking note of the good growing conditions in the Black Sea, as well as…

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(Already) Reacting to Plant 2019 Implications

In this week’s Wheat Market Insider, we’re starting in durum. The USDA’s attaché in Algeria says that soil moisture conditions are sitting above average, and combined with average temperatures, the outlook for this year’s crop is relatively favourable. Total grain acres in the country are pegged at 8.77 million…

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