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Brennan Turner

Brennan Turner is the Founder & CEO of, North America’s Grain Marketplace. He holds a degree in economics from Yale University and spent time on Wall Street in commodity trade and analysis before starting FarmLead. In 2017, Brennan was named to Fast Company’s List of Most Creative People in Business and, in 2018, a Henry Crown Fellow as part of the Aspen Institute. He is originally from Foam Lake, Saskatchewan where his family started farming the land nearly 100 years ago (and still do to this day on more than 50,000 acres!). Brennan’s comments on grain markets are regularly featured in everything from small-town newspapers to large media outlets like CNBC and Bloomberg.



August WASDE Gives Bearish Surprise

Grain markets found some gains in the first full week of August as the complex prepared for the much-anticipated August WASDE report. Going into the report, the sentiment is fairly bullish as there are some major reductions of U.S. acreage, production, and ending stocks for the 2019/20 crop. Wheat prices for the week were mixed as technical…

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From One Year to the Next

As most of us enjoyed some nice summer weather over the long weekend, the crop year calendar passed over from 2018/19 into 2019/20. For the year, we saw CPS wheat prices across Western Canada lose 8.6% since August 1st, 2018. HRS wheat prices had a similar downturn, losing 12.2% for the year, while durum essentially ended the 2018/19 crop…

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2019/20 Wheat Production Picture Becoming Clearer

Wheat markets turned lower for the second straight week, trading alongside lower corn prices and general progress of the wheat harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. Hard red spring wheat prices were able to limit their losses, thanks to some slightly bullish crop tour data. The International Grains Council (IGC) cut its 2019/20 wheat production…

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2019/20 Competition & Opportunities for Canadian Wheat

Wheat prices had a tough last week, as better growing conditions and U.S., European, and Black Sea winter wheat harvests all put bearish pressure on wheat prices on the futures boards. The net result on cash markets was average spot prices for CPS wheat prices in Western Canada falling 5.7% (or 34¢ CAD/bushel) to $5.57 and HRS wheat…

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Waiting for the Next Wheat Rally

On Thursday, July 11th, we got the monthly WASDE report from the USDA, but it didn’t really give us anything tangible. This is because everyone is waiting for the August WASDE report, in which the USDA will update their seeded acreage estimates from their self-admittedly inaccurate numbers in the June acreage report. I posited on…

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Wheat Harvest 2019 is Officially On

As we push into the middle of July, combines are rolling in North America but also in Europe and the Black Sea. Favourable weather conditions in the Southern Plains have helped things immensely though, as 17% of the crop was harvested in the past week, to put things at 47% total. Granted this is behind the 61% harvested at this time a…

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It’s All About Production Now

Grain markets pushed through the last day of June with some bearish reports from the USDA that said corn acres planted this year were not as small as the market was anticipating. Since the collection of information for the June acreage report was from before June 10th, intentions from that date and what’s happened since then are…

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