2016 Growing Season

AWC believes it is imperative for our growers to be aware of any potential issues with crop protection products. We will continue to provide our members with all current information on products for the 2016 season.

Visit keepingitclean.ca for more information on how to ensure your crops are export ready.

For the 2016 growing season, producers should use caution if choosing to use a growth regulator product containing the active ingredient chlormequat. While this product is registered for use in Canada on cereal crops as a growth regulator, it does not have approval nor established maximum residue levels (MRLs) in key markets. Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) encourages our growers to ask your local grain buyers whether or not they will be accepting wheat treated with chlormequat, prior to application.

Grain companies may not accept wheat that has been treated with this ingredient. The members of the Western Grains Elevator Association have indicated they will not accept delivery of wheat that has been treated with chlormequat and growers will be asked to declare they have not used this product, as part of their new Declaration of Eligibility affidavits.

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