Why invest in research

“Research is important to keep us competitive with other jurisdictions and to initiate innovation to lower farmer member input costs and optimize production.” 

Terry Young | Director, Alberta Wheat Commission

“We need to be open to new science and innovative technologies and research is needed to explore these emerging technologies to determine if they will be adaptable, sustainable and profitable to our producer members.” 

Terry Young | Director, Alberta Wheat Commission

"Investing in research is key to increasing competitiveness and sustainability of the Agriculture sector from production to transformation. With the Alberta Wheat Commission being a major player and representative of the industry, its investment in R&D is crucial to meet immediate and longer term needs to support all Canadian agricultural sectors for increased profitability of benefit to all stakeholders, in a context of growing global food demand and increased market competition"

Dr. Elizabeth-Grance Marillia | Associate Research Officer at NRC-Saskatoon

“Agriculture is at the heart of our society’s prosperity.  A safe, secure and sustainable food supply is the foundation for a thriving society and is needed for broader economic growth.  Agriculture research brings new knowledge and technology that will help drive innovation and growth.”

Dr. Maria DeRosa | Researcher and Associate Professor at Carlton University

“On-going research is extremely important in agriculture because it provides producers with more beneficial varieties that have higher yields and stronger agronomic traits to grow on their farms. Research also provides our customers with healthier and safer food through improved disease resistance in our crops and better milling qualities for our food processors.”

Jason Lenz | Region 3 Representative, Alberta Wheat Commission

“New cultivars brings disease resistance, which means reduction in fungicide use and ultimately it will save money for farmers”

Dr. Sheri Strydhorst | Agronomy Research Scientist and Farmer

“In research, we find out why something happens and why it’ll be useful”

Dr. Sheri Strydhorst | Agronomy Research Scientist and Farmer

“In today's highly competitive world research is the life blood of agriculture”

Gerry Good | Director, Alberta Wheat Commission

Innovative wheat research is one of the most important drivers of sustaining the competitive advantages that the western Canadian wheat industry enjoys on the world stage. AWC’s investments are designed to ensure that Alberta’s wheat producers have access to premium varieties that meet customer requirements and sustain the high quality reputation that Alberta-grown wheat is known for.

AWC invests over $1.7 million per year in research that aligns with our strategic priorities of agronomic and genetic improvements to ensure that Alberta’s farmers continue to see value-added advancements that promote long-term profitability.