Historic and Innovative New Partnership is Formed

This year, AWC, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and CANTERRA SEEDS LTD. were pleased to announce a historic new partnership aimed at combining the strengths of producers, along with the public and private sectors, to create improved Canada Prairie Spring (CPSR) wheat varieties for farmers. With a total contribution of $3.4 million over five years, this public/private/producer, or 4-P, will strengthen Dr. Harpinder Randhawa’s CPSR breeding program at Lethbridge Research Centre.


AWC will receive a share of royalties on new varieties resulting from the program to be used for future CPSR research and development. CANTERRA SEEDS Ltd. will provide additional technical and field-testing capacity for the CPSR material from AAFC Lethbridge, and increased funding and support for the program as a whole. In exchange, CANTERRA SEEDS Ltd. will receive the first right of refusal on a stream of future CPSR varieties. Farmers can look forward to premium CPSR varieties resulting from Dr. Randhawa’s program in the coming years.

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