Our Funding Process

AWC Research Committee

AWC’s research funding process begins with our research committee. This group of directors and regional representatives ensure that AWC-funded research aligns with on-farm challenges that farmers face. Highly qualified industry experts are called upon to act as advisors where appropriate.

Alberta Wheat Commission research project funding is approved based on the submitted project’s proposed budget. Where overhead or direct costs are not represented in the proposed budget but required by the institution, these costs will be deducted from our approved project funding. Regardless of whether or not overhead is  presented in the submitted project budget, AWC will pay up to the maximum charged by the institution or 15%, whichever is less. We encourage you to inquire with other potential funders on their overhead policies.

Leveraging farmer dollars through crop investment programs

Research is now funded by AWC through four different streams; the Agriculture Funding Consortium, the National Wheat Improvement Program, the Canadian Wheat Alliance and through direct investment. By investing in research collaboratively with our funding partners, AWC leverages producer dollars to ensure the greatest return on investment for farmers. With project commitments made in 2014-15, AWC is actively supporting 28 projects.

1. Agriculture Funding Consortium

AWC continues our involvement with the Agriculture Funding Consortium, a partnership of 13 organizations that create a one-window approach to agricultural research and development funding in Alberta. This year, AWC’s participation in the Consortium leveraged producer check-off dollars at a rate of almost 1:11.3.

The AFC holds an online call for proposals. This process begins with a call for letters of intent (LOI). Applicants with successful LOIs will receive an invitation for full proposals. Following a technical review, successful funding candidates are announced. The timeline for the AFC call for proposals, as well as extended information on how to apply, is available at www.fundingconsortium.ca.

2. National Wheat Improvement Program (Wheat Cluster) (This call is currently closed)

Led by the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) with a mandate to invest in wheat breeding covering all classes across Canada, The projects funded through the wheat cluster are now in their third year of progress. Farmers can look forward to project updates and results through AWC and our other funding partners.

3. Canadian Wheat Alliance (CWA)

AWC was pleased to initiate a new investment relationship with the Canadian Wheat Alliance (CWA) this year, adding this national funding collaboration as a mechanism to continue growing the AWC research investment portfolio. The CWA brings together expertise in wheat breeding, genomics, biotechnology and pathology, with key funding partners in Canada including the Province of Saskatchewan, National Research Council (NRC), the Crop Development Centre (CDC) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). Research scientists employed by NRC and AAFC are eligible to apply for funding under the Canadian Wheat Alliance.

4. Direct Investment

Additional projects funded directly by AWC, often with other funding partners, align with our research priorities of improvements to genetic and agronomic performance.