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Results for: Genetics & Omnics

Canadian Wheat-NAM (Can-NAM): Capturing genetic variation for Canadian wheat improvement

To increase the genetic diversity of the Canadian wheat pool, this research proposes to utilize a proven strategy, nested association mapping (NAM), a multiple-parental breeding population approach to explore synthetic hexaploid wheat (SHW) to enhance…

Tweaking Stomatal Development to Improve Water Use Efficiency and Biomass Production of Wheat Under Drought Stress

Stomata are small openings found on plant surfaces that mediate gas exchange with the surrounding atmosphere. This structure is important for photosynthesis and water use efficiency as they control the amount of CO2 intake and water lost by opening…

Filling Gaps in Wheat Cultivar Development with Translational Research which pertains to activity 4.3.1 of the Genome Canada project entitled Canadian Triticum Applied Genomics (CTAG2)

This 4 year proposal aims to translate the latest innovative genomic technologies to the wheat breeding programs. The research will focus on the deployment of new innovative technologies including a DNA marker breeder chip as a new selection tool,…

Fighting rust fungal crop threats through integrated genomics research

This 4 year project will analyze 60 Canadian wheat genomes, combined with comparative analysis of available stem and stripe rust information, to select for important virulence factors against wheat. These genomic information will allow for future…

Identifying new genes in domesticated intermediate wheatgrass to improve biotic and abiotic stress resistance and grain quality for wheat

This research project evaluates intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) for disease resistance genes that can be transferred to wheat. A combination of phenotypic evaluation, molecular analysis and intergeneric crossing will assist (1) breeders…

Nitrogen Fixation in Triticale

This two years proposal is a proof of concept for the introduction of the N2 biological fixation pathway into mitochondria of crops. The nitrogen fixation (Nif) cluster will be introduced into triticale mitochondria using short peptide nanocarrier…

The integration of spring wheat genetics and agronomics to mitigate risks associated with early plantings into cold soils

This investigation will determine if early plantings of cold tolerant cultivars coupled with optimum agronomics will extend the growing season and achieve or exceed attainable spring wheat yield with improved system stability.