Major Market Initiatives

Seeds of Innovation

Organized by AWC and held in Calgary in November 2013, Seeds of Innovation was attended by more than 60 key wheat industry players from all sectors, who came together to examine key issues which emerged with the end of the single desk and address the subsequent dramatic changes that took place on the Canadian wheat marketing landscape. Discussions focused on wheat industry stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities, fostering collaboration and cooperation, the investment in and sustainability of agronomic research, defining the ‘Canada’ brand and developing a clear market strategy for Canadian wheat. The event culminated with clear agreement across the value chain on:

  • A collective vision of what a successful Canadian wheat industry looks like
  • The need for research efforts to be carried out by both the private and public sectors, take a full systems approach, and consider sustainability, multiple crops and multiple stakeholders.
  • How succession planning is critical to the future of the industry
  • The need for the entire industry to play an active role in promoting the Canadian brand that is coordinated through the efforts of Cereals Canada