Major Market Initiatives

New Crop Missions – Team Canada approach

Crop Mission Map Infographic The Canadian wheat brand is building momentum on the world stage. Traditional markets such as Japan, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico regularly purchase wheat from Canada, and emerging markets such as South America, West Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East have growing capacity to become regular customers.

AWC participates in new crop missions to ensure that the Canadian wheat brand continues this growth trend, and 2014 marked the first year that the new crop missions would use a collaborative Team Canada approach.

Team Canada involves Cereals Canada, which connects members from the entire wheat value chain including AWC which represents producers, the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) which offers technical expertise, and the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) which administers quality control measures to ensure that brand standards are consistently met.

In 2014, AWC board members Lynn Jacobson, Kevin Bender and Greg Porozni represented AWC in Asia, Europe and Africa respectively and in Team Canada’s mission is twofold;

  1. to develop new and existing markets by delivering our brand’s uniqueness by showcasing the new crop and;
  2. to garner market intelligence about our customers that acts as industry feedback for the Canadian brand.

AWC’s Team Canada 2014 participants: Lynn Jacobson, board member (Asia), Kevin Bender, board member (Europe), Greg Porozni, board member (Middle East North Africa)

AWC’s Team Canada 2015 participants: Caalen Covey, business development and markets manager,  (Central and South America), Greg Porozni, board member (Middle East North Africa), Henry Vos, board member (Europe)