Major Market Initiatives

AWC Submission to the CGC Wheat Classification Review

In 2015, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) recommended that a new class of milling wheat be implemented to house varieties with lower gluten strength in an effort to tighten the quality parameters included in the CWRS and CPSR classes. Farm and industry groups including AWC were invited to make submissions to the CGC.

AWC’s submission advocated for further review before moving forward since this change in class structure had the potential to impact grain prices for farmers at point of sale. AWC also recommended that a strategy be created to inform stakeholders how the reclassified wheat varieties would fit into a larger Canadian wheat marketing strategy. At year-end AWC and other industry stakeholders continued to negotiate with the CGC toward an agreement that would work for the industry while protecting the interests of farmers. 

After review and consultation with AWC and other industry stakeholders, the CGC announced on January 15, 2016, a plan to implement two new classes of wheat and eliminate three others in 2016, as well as variety designation changes by August 1, 2018. AWC recommended that an additional class would add segregation costs to the handling system, which resulted in the two new wheat classes, Canada Northern Hard Red (CNHR) and Canada Western Special Purpose (CWSP). AWC also supported a timeline for reclassifying 25 Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) and four Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) that would allow producers adequate time to prepare for these changes.