About Our Markets Program

Developing markets internationally and at home

 AWC plays a key role in building the Canadian wheat brand and developing international markets as part of a larger Team Canada approach. Canadian wheat is known on the world stage for its high quality parameters and cleanliness. Approximately three-quarters of Canadian wheat is exported to key markets such as Japan, South East Asia, Central and South America and the United States. We continue to collaborate with industry partners to gain access to new markets, and we are proud to continue building relations with domestic markets to ensure Canadians have access to the high quality food grown in their own back yard.

Our markets program is responsible for AWCs engagement in key issues that affect successful Canadian wheat exports. Transportation, maximum residue limits (MRLs), the wheat reclassification review and trade agreements all impact wheat marketing and movement, and AWC is actively engaged on behalf of producers on these, and any other issues that we believe make a difference to their bottom line. Were proud of this years development of our new web-based tool known as PDQ (pdqinfo.ca), which will significantly improve farmers access to the information they need to successfully market their crops.