Policy Initiatives

Fusarium Head Blight (FHB)

Fusarium graminearum (Fg) is well established in southern Alberta and is spreading to central and northern Alberta. Earlier this year, a Private Member’s Bill was introduced to amend Alberta’s Agricultural Pests Act to declare that Fg will not be considered a pest or nuisance unless it is found at a concentration of grater than 0.5 percent. Bill 201 passed second reading and was referred to the Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship for review on March 10, 2014. Several stakeholders, including AWC indicated that the current zero tolerance policy is likely unrealistic and places Alberta farmers at a competitive disadvantage. The Standing Committee’s final report was tabled on August 5, 2014 with a recommendation that the Bill not proceed. AWC continues to advocate for a Fusarium Head Blight policy that reflects the challenges faced in Alberta and does not put Alberta farmers at a competitive disadvantage.