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A simple and convenient cash advance program for Alberta producers.

The Alberta Wheat Commission wants to make your farm cashflow management easier and improve your long-term profitability. That’s why we’re offering interest free loans and low interest rates to Alberta producers under the federal government’s Advance Payments Program.

What’s even better, the program will be administered locally with 100% of any proceeds reinvested back into Alberta ag for the benefit of our entire industry.

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Applying is easy

Save time, money and reduce paperwork. Conveniently manage your application online from any internet enabled device

Safely store your application at any point throughout the process on your personalized, password secured account until you’re ready to hit the submit button

for your needs

Tailored to the needs of Alberta producers just like you, we offer advances on all major crops, honey and livestock

All loans are government guaranteed and administered through the Alberta Wheat Commission to give you a competitive advantage and the highest level of customer service

Apply for up to $1 million with $100,000 interest free on all commodities