AWC recognizes that the continued development of both current and prospective farm leaders is critical to the future of the wheat industry. This means AWC makes it a priority to share knowledge and encourage skills development in people of all ages. We are major sponsors of crop walks and field days across the province from local area research associations (ARAs) and research stations.

This year, we were proud to initiate a new wheat agronomy pilot project with Battle River Research Group and Chinook Applied Research Association aimed at strengthening their research capacity and undergoing value-added applied research for wheat farmers.

AWC often holds extension events for farmers. This year, we were pleased to add two new events to our portfolio. We hosted a day-long course in collaboration with Alberta Barley and ACPC Known as Making the Grade, where farmers participated in hands-on learning related to getting the best grade for their grain. We also partnered with ACPC to hold two, one-day marketing courses known as Hedging Edge. Visit our events page for dates and locations of upcoming crop walks and extension events.


Alberta Crops Extension (ACE)

The four crop commissions launched a new partnership to better direct extension funding to ensure the best return on investment for farmers. ACE aims to leverage each of the commission’s extension dollars and streamline the application process, ultimately enabling our extension partners to provide more inclusive programs to extend knowledge to Alberta’s farmers. ACE is pleased to have received applications from extension groups throughout Alberta and in 2014-15 through ACE, AWC invested a total of $62,685 in our extension partners. ACE leveraged a total investment of $300,750 from all crop commissions.

Please direct ACE inquires to Brian Kennedy, Grower Relations and Extension coordinator via email.