The Growing Point | July 2020

Wild Oat Resistance in the Canadian Prairies

The steady increase of resistant wild oats in Western Canada is a concerning trend. Currently, 69% of wild oats across the Prairies displayed some type of herbicide resistance. This poses significant problems for farmers due to the limited options for control if both group 1 & 2 resistance develops on farm. In light of this, the Resistant Wild Oat Action Committee (RWOAC) is working to develop increased awareness around wild oat resistance through various media outlets. One of the first pieces of information coming from RWOAC will be a series of infographics. The first one, found in this article, relates to how a weed might survive herbicide application and how to spot resistance in your field.

For more information from the RWOAC, follow them on twitter @RWildOat or check out their website.