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New Agreement Creates Excitement for Prairie Grain Producers

New trade agreement means significant potential for wheat industry and global trade.

(Calgary, Alberta) – The Canada–European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will provide full access to EU markets for Canadian wheat and a number of additional grain exports, something the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) believes will be a huge boost for Canadian grain producers.

"This trade agreement, which will reduce wheat tariffs to zero over a seven-year period means expanded market opportunities for Canadian wheat," says Kent Erickson, Chair of the AWC Board of Directors. The AWC applauds the federal government for finalizing this trade agreement, as greater access to a steady and reliable market like the EU is positive for Alberta producers and will help boost exports in the agriculture sector."

The trade deal with the 28-member EU, which has a total population of 500 million and generates $17 trillion in annual economic activity will open the door for more Canadian exports.

"Canada exports $40 billion a year in agriculture and food products, with $2.4 billion of that being sold to the EU," explains Doug Cornell, General Manager of the AWC. "This new trade agreement could see an increase of $1.5 billion of Canadian agri-products being sold overseas, which means more money in the pockets of Alberta’s wheat producers."

Alberta accounts for 30% of Western Canada’s wheat acreage (approximately 6.6 million acres) and about one third of the country’s total wheat production, with exports totaling more than1.9 billion dollars. Wheat is the province’s largest crop by area and annual production is in the range of 7.6 million tonnes.

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