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Grower Groups, Government of Canada Invest to Improve Supply Chain

AB Wheat Commission, grower groups and Govt. of Canada invest $3.2 million to improve supply chain.

(Calgary, Alberta) – The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) has partnered with Pulse Canada, a number of grower and industry groups, and the Government of Canada to invest over $3.2 million into a long-term strategy that will provide solutions to build a more efficient and reliable agricultural supply chain.

"AWC partnered on this project because Canada is a resource economy and for our economy to grow, we need to have a consistent and reliable export system in place," says Kent Erickson, Chair of the AWC."Millions of dollars are being invested each year in research to increase yields, but what value does that bring to the grower if the commodities are not being efficiently shipped?"

This long-term study, Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Agriculture Supply Chain Initiative, is a multi-year, multi-commodity partnership that is being spearheaded by Pulse Canada and includes industry partners Canadian Canola Growers Association, AWC, soy growers of the Manitoba Pulse Growers Association, members of the Western Grain Elevators Association, the Inland Terminal Association, and the Canadian Special Crops Association.

"These organizations have brought money to the table to not only provide tools to hold railroads accountable for their less than adequate service, but also to study the entire supply chain to find real solutions for the future," explains Jeff Jackson, Markets Manager for AWC.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have also provided Growing Forward 2 funding in the amount of $1.5 million to support this multi-sector project that will positively impact the entire logistical value chain.

The project’s main focus will be to build on industry capacity to obtain more predictable and reliable service, identify critical opportunities for improvement in the agriculture supply chain, and measure performance to determine where efforts are best placed. Follow up will be done to measure if improvements have been made.

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