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Bill C-30 Legislation an Important Step to Improve Rail Transportation System

(Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta) – The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) commends the Government of Canada on today’s event to mark the Royal Assent for Bill C-30, the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act, as an important first step to improve the Canadian rail transportation system.

"Today’s announcement on the passing of Bill C-30 is critical to the development of long-term solutions needed to build a sustainable and reliable rail transportation system in Canada," says Kent Erickson, Chair of the AWC Board of Directors. "AWC applauds the Government of Canada, particularly Minister Ritz, for the quick action to move this Bill forward so that Canada can respond to the growing demand for our agricultural products."

The government’s determination to improve the rail transportation system, first with the Order in Council earlier this year, and today with the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act, shows that our government is dedicated to ensuring that Canada is well positioned to deliver our agricultural products to valued customers around the world and that Canadian growers do not face any economic damages as a result of transportation shortfalls.

"This year’s rail backlog not only had a significant economic impact on our growers, but it put Canada’s reputation as a consistent and reliable supplier of quality Canadian wheat on the line. The actions taken by the government on rail transportation will help avoid any risk to Canada’s reputation in the future," adds Erickson.

The next step is for the government to build the regulatory packages that will support the legislation for Bill C-30 and complete the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) review. The CTA review will help build a rail transportation system that will effectively service Canadian shippers, customers and the economy.

"AWC will certainly be involved in the development of the regulatory packages and the CTA review to ensure the needs of our growers are met," says Erickson. "The government has been working hard to make improvements in agriculture that benefit our growers and we hope similar action will be taken on legislating Bill C-18, the Agricultural Growth Act."

The regulatory package is expected to be developed over the next couple of months.

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