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AWC commends federal government on prioritizing legislation to improve grain transportation

(Calgary, Alberta) – The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) is pleased with the high priority the federal government has placed on improving Canada’s grain transportation system through the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act (Bill C-30). The Honourable Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, announced the final regulatory packages supporting the legislation today at a media conference in Saskatoon.

Bill C-30 represents the first major step needed to build a sustainable and reliable rail transportation system in Canada.

"The federal government recognized that quick action was necessary," said Kent Erickson, Chairman, Alberta Wheat Commission. "The grain industry is experiencing tremendous growth and it’s imperative that our supply chain is able to support timely grain shipments. I want to thank the Minister on behalf of AWC for moving this legislation forward."

Today’s announcement represents the necessary progress in order for western Canadian grain to remain market competitive.

"Farmers suffered severe economic harm from the shipping challenges of the winter of 2013-14 and Western Canada’s reputation as a reliable supplier of grain was compromised. This issue needed immediate attention and we sincerely appreciate seeing the beginning of long-term solutions," Erickson said.

AWC has been an active participant throughout the development of Bill C-30 and will continue to press for measures to enhance the accountability of railway companies as part of the Canada Transportation Act Review.

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