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Alberta Wheat Commission commends the Federal Government on passing the Agricultural Growth Act

(Calgary, Alberta) – The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) commends the federal government on passing the Agricultural Growth Act (Bill C-18), paving the way for enhanced international competitiveness of Alberta wheat through improved access toinnovative traits and varieties for farmers.

Amendments to the Act will modernize Canadas Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) legislation, encouraging investment in plant breeding through improved intellectual property protection, better trade facilitation and farmer access to new and innovative varieties.

"The Federal Governments prioritization of Bill C-18 ensures Canadian farmer access to internationally competitive innovation for their farm businesses," said Kent Erickson, Chairman, Alberta Wheat Commission. "I look forward to this Act growing our industry on the world stage."

Amending the PBR legislation brings Canada into compliance with the International Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties conference of 1991 (UPOV 91).

AWC has supported amendments to Plant Breeders Rights in Canada under three conditions: 1) Farmers maintain the ability to use farm-saved seed; 2) federal government funding of pre-breeding and genetic research is maintained and; 3) the farmer and public equity stake in Canadas proprietary genetic material for cereals developed over the past 100 years continues to be recognized.

AWC has supported the passage of Bill C-18 through its membership in Partners of Innovation, and looks forward to continuing its work in advancing the competitiveness of the Canadian wheat industry.

The Alberta Wheat Commission is a producer-directed organization representing the interests of and serving as a single voice for all of Alberta’s 14,000 wheat producers.


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