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Alberta Wheat Commission Commends Govt. of AB for Commitment to Improve Rail Service

Govt. of Alberta commits to lead the charge for better rail service for Alberta growers.

(Calgary, Alberta) – The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) would like to commend the Government of Alberta on their Building the Alberta plan, which was included in this week’s Speech from the Throne.

In the Speech from the Throne, the Alberta government made commitments to increase agricultural exports with new trade agreements, continue to fight for Alberta's producers and against unfair country of origin labelling rules in the United States, and lead the charge for better rail service so growers can get their grain to international markets.

"This commitment for better rail service proves to our growers that the Government of Alberta is behind them and putting pressure on the federal government to improve rail service at all levels," says Kent Erickson, Chair of the AWC Board. "Alberta Wheat Commission commends Premier Redford for recognizing that there are issues with rail transportation and it is of utmost importance to Alberta’s growers."

AWC has been working with the federal government and industry and national groups across Canada on cross sector transportation initiatives to develop solutions to transportation that will benefit all members of the value chain. One initiative is the long-term study Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Agriculture Supply Chain Initiative, a multi sector project with the Government of Canada, Pulse Canada and a number of other industry groups to create a long-term strategy that will provide solutions to build a more efficient and reliable agricultural supply chain.

"AWC supports the push by the federal and provincial governments to seek a long-term strategy to alleviate transportation issues in the future and ensure growers can move their product to market," adds Erickson. "Growers have been meeting contract requirements by delivering their grain but the rest of the supply chain has been inadequate, leading to below average shipping on a year with significantly above average crops."

AWC welcomes the opportunity to work with the Government of Alberta on rail transportation and looks forward to the outcome of their commitment to lead the charge for better rail service.

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