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Alberta Wheat Commission announces recipients of two agriculture-related post-secondary scholarships

(Calgary, Alberta) – The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) is pleased to announce the recipients of two post-secondary scholarships awarded to students at the University of Alberta (UofA) for the fall 2014 semester. Breanne Tidemann, Doctoral candidate in Agonomy and Weed Science has been awarded $10,000 and undergraduate student Kathryn Wyering received a $1,000 award for the Crop Science program.

The undergraduate scholarship is part of AWC’s total investment of $27,000 in the University of Alberta in the form of an endowment, and will continue to be awarded annually. Similarly, $25,000 has been invested in the University of Lethbridge (UofL) and will be administered under the same structure. Graduate students at the UofA will also be able to apply for AWC’s $10,000 scholarship in future years.

"Our goal is to encourage and enable the next generation of farm leaders through these scholarships," said Kent Erickson, Chairman, Alberta Wheat Commission. "Education is a major focus area for AWC, and I wish the best of luck to these students throughout their academic journey."

Breanne Tidemann is investigating harvest weed seed control under the supervision of Drs. Linda Hall and Neil Harker. This new weed management paradigm is being used in Australia, and Breanne will be evaluating the potential for its use in western Canada.

"Upon completion of my doctoral degree, it is my goal to begin a career as an agronomy and weed research scientist in Alberta," Breanne said. "The Alberta Wheat Commission scholarship will better allow me to conduct and finish my research, and will increase my networking opportunities that will be instrumental in achieving these goals," she added.

Undergraduate students at both institutions who are interested in pursuing a career in the fields of agriculture, agronomy or crop science are eligible to apply for AWC awards in future years. AWC is looking forward to announcing the inaugural recipient of the undergraduate award at UofL in the fall of 2015.

The Alberta Wheat Commission is a producer-directed organization representing the interests of and serving as a single voice for all of Alberta’s 14,000 wheat producers.

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