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University of Alberta, Lister Centre


Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

The University of Alberta (U of A) - Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences (ALES) presents the ALES Connect Cafe, a world cafe style meeting, like speed dating with students engaging with various food stakeholders including farmers, producer groups, food processors, suppliers, government, researchers and restaurant owners. These are a spectrum of participants that represent Alberta's food value chain from soil to serving. Each representative table host will engage and speak to students on a selected theme for four, 30 minute sessions.

Keynote Speaker: 
Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal's Columnist
5:15 Opening Comments
5:20 Dinner
6:00 Key Note Address (Paula Simons – Edmonton Journal)
6:20 First Table Group
6:50 Second Table Group
7:20 Third Table Group
7:50 Fourth Table Group
8:20 Closing Comments / Acknowledgements 
8:30 Event Completed

Guest Table Hosts: 
Susan Schafers, Former Chair of Egg Farmers of Alberta
Hinke and Marc Therrien, Active Turkey Producer
Nancy Robinson Assistant Manager, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers
Karin Schmid, Beef Production Specialist, AB Beef 
Vicky Horn, Spring Creek Ranch (have the A&W and Earls contracts)
Shayne Horn, Tangle Ridge Ranch
Tom Koostra, Chair, Alberta Milk
John and Bill Bocock, Former Dairy Producers
John and Doris Pilon, Bison farmers
Rod Carlyon, Meat producers, Dapp
Curtis Gunderson, Honey Producer, Boyle, Alberta
Simone Demers-Colins, Education, Marketing and Promotion, Alberta Canola Producers
Airell Deslauriers, Master Feeds
Marlowe Glassford, Credit Advisor, Farm Credit Canada
Jessica Lau, Maple Leaf Foods
Jerry Bigam, President and CEO of Kinnikinnick (gluten free) foods
Dave Price, Sunterra
Jeff Clark, President, Kitchen Partners Limited
Troy Bender, General Manager for Aramark at University of Alberta
Arden Tse, MBA, Co-Founder, Prairie Noodle Shop
Angela Greter, Executive Director, Alberta Farm Animal Care
Eileen Kotowich, Farmers Market Specialist
Joel Bokenfohr, Manager, Business Structures and Financial Policy
Lynn McMullen, Food Microbiologist, University of Alberta
Ellen Goddard, Food Marketing Researcher, University of Alberta
Heather Bruce, Meat Processing Researcher, University of Alberta
Graham Plastow, Animal Geneticist
Janelle Herbert, Owner of Riverbend Gardens
Pat Batten, Owner of Ocean Odyssey Inland
Carol Cooper, Founder of Fruits of Sherbrooke
Kristina Polziehn, Agronomist and CEO, Axiom Agronomy Ltd.
Reint Boelman, Agricultural Banking Specialist
Serge Jost and Donica Kelloway Executive Chef, Fairmont Hotel, Sous Chef at Fairmont Hotel
Brittany Watt and Anna De Hoop, Harvest Microgreens
Dr. Frank Novak, Managing Director & Chairman, Alberta Pork
Charlotte Shipp, Industry Program Coordinator, Alberta Pork
Nate Box, Founder of Elm Cafe, District Coffee Co. and Burrow
Mark Bellows, The Local Omnivore
Nasser Nammari, Director of Food and Beverage, The Westin Edmonton
Andria Carlyon, Dupont Pioneer
Kelty Douglas, Dupont Pioneer
Brittany Chubb, Dupont Pioneer
Brian Kennedy, Grower Relations & Extension Coordinator - Alberta Wheat Commission

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