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Yield Challenge - Be the Wheat Champion

2017 Alberta Wheat Commission Yield Contest

Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) is holding a fun content for all Alberta wheat farmers to be judged and become the “most productive wheat grower” in Alberta. There are two categories for this yield contest: dry land and irrigated, and must be a registered class/variety that falls under the Canadian Grain Commission western standards (Canada Western Red Spring – CWRS, Canada Western Hard White Spring - CWHWS, Canada Western Amber Durum - CWAD, Canada Western Red Winter - CWRW, Canada Western Soft White Spring – CWSWS, Canada Western Extra Strong – CWES, Canada Prairie Spring White – CPSW, Canada Prairie Spring Red – CPSR, Canada Northern Hard Red – CNHR and Canada Western Special Purpose – CWSP.

Entry is free and the two winners will be presented with passes to FarmTech 2018 and have bragging rights for one full year as the most productive wheat grower in Alberta.


  • Entrants can be either the producer (operating a commercial farm of at least 500 acres) or can enter on behalf of a farm company. Each contestant is limited to one entry to each category.
  • Contestants must submit the application form to AWC by July 1st, 2017 via email at Applications forms are available on the AWC website or by contacting the AWC office at 403-219-7904.
  • An agronomy report must be submitted with each application that includes, tillage practices, all pesticide applications before harvest, including pre-seed burn down with dates of applications, seeding date, seeding rate, certified, treated or untreated, common, fertilizers applied (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium any trace elements), manure spread, variety of wheat, class of wheat, seeding method, fertilizer application method, harvested date, and if irrigated the rate and dates of irrigation.
  • The field size must be at least 10 or more acres of the same variety and the legal location must be included in the form.
  • The winners will have produced the most tonnes per acre.
  • The GPS coordinates of the entry plot and the legal land description must be submitted with the contest entry form.
  • A licensed agronomist must witness the harvest and sign the harvest report.

Harvesting Rules:

  • The witness must confirm that the combine hopper is empty prior to harvesting the plot.
  • The witness must confirm that the GPS area coordinates are harvested and segregated until weighed.
  • The weight must be verified by a licensed elevator and be recorded on a cash purchase ticket or weigh ticket from a legal scale and be submitted with the harvest report.
  • The wheat must be graded dry.
  • All grades are eligible.

The harvest report must be submitted to AWC by email at no later than October 31, 2017. Winners will be announced in mid-November, 2017.

We encourage our members to join this fun challenge and wish everyone luck! For more information or questions, please contact Brian Kennedy at 403-219-7904 or


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