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My summer interning for AWC

By: Anne Tran, AWC Research Intern - May-August 2017

With my internship now at an end at the Alberta Wheat Commission, I’m extremely surprised with how fast four months seemed to fly by.

I still remember the exact moment I just finished my third final exam, turned on my phone while walking down the hallway and received an email from AWC. My eyes stopped at: “I am pleased to offer you the position of…” The days after that were full of excitement, enthusiasm, anxiety and uncertainty.

I started my internship by reading lots of research proposals and writing blog posts. Since my major is Agribusiness, my perception of the agriculture industry is more focused on the business side. But the more I read about research, the more I realize how fascinating the work going on in applied science is, and how it impacts society and benefits growers.

During my internship, I was given a lot of opportunities to take part in many farming events throughout the province. AWC is making a huge impact in the wheat industry by sponsoring field tours. I personally found them to be such a fantastic opportunity to learn and receive updates – and they’re packed with lots of useful information that can benefit wheat farmers. That is a great way for anyone in the industry to broaden their knowledge and expand their networks.

In July, I had the opportunity to do a presentation to AWC’s board of directors about some of the work I’ve been doing. I was a bit nervous when preparing but after completing this project, I couldn’t help feeling proud to be a part of the AWC team.

Although I interned for research, I was copied on frequent emails from our General Manager, program managers and directors about issues going on in the ag industry in Alberta, either about research, our new consumer campaign – Life’s Simple Ingredient, federal negotiations and more. It not only indicates how much engagement and dedication the team has towards what AWC is pursuing, but has also allowed me to learn about other parts of the agricultural industry, outside of my direct responsibilities in my internship. It has helped me build up my understanding of a complete picture and I have become that much more immersed and passionate about agriculture while working for Alberta Wheat Commission.

My internship not only taught me practical agriculture knowledge outside what I have learned from school, but also gave me the chance to experience lots of new things in my life. For instance, I had the chance to drive a tractor when I visited one of our regional representative’s farm – the first four-wheel vehicle I have driven in my life! Also, I had such a great time at my first Calgary Stampede ever, working for AWC and enjoying Western culture.

I have grown so much professionally and personally during the past four months working for AWC. Special thanks to the Alberta Wheat Commission for giving me the best practical experience in my first internship ever and one of the most exciting summers I have ever had in my life!


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