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Hiroshi Kubota's FarmTech 2016 experience sponsored by AWC

Hiroshi Kubota was one of 5 Alberta Wheat Commission-sponsored graduate studentsto attend FarmTech® 2016 from January 26th to 28th. Hiroshi is working towards his PhD at the University of Alberta in the areas of nitrogen use efficiency and wheat affinity to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with Dr. Dean Spaner.

Below is Hiroshi’s impression of his experience at FarmTech®:

Now that FarmTech has ended, what I recall most is the farmer’s passion that filled the Edmonton Expo Centre. Attending this event was a mind-changing experience for me. Prior to FarmTech, I have had limited opportunities to talk with farmers and others in the agricultural industry. As a PhD candidate, standing and talking about data in my experimental field has sometimes made me feel disconnected from them because I did not hear their voice. This opportunity gave me a chance to feel their determination to feed people and a sense of responsibility to maintain sustainable lands for future generations. Also their sincere opinions about a research project in my PhD studies gave me an additional angle to see it. I look forward to incorporating their perspectives into my future study.

All of the meetings and sessions that I attended inspired me in many ways. The session “Improving nutrition efficiency with AM fungi” given by Dr. Chantal Hamel was the most important session for me at FarmTech since one of my research interests is her main research area. A short conversation with her after the session cleared up my questions.

Stories given by keynote speakers have power to inspire people. I am not an exception to the influence of their words. Sincerity and trust from the public are two important qualities to be a good scientist; therefore, I sincerely digested the words“trust is the quality meant to be filled but not stay” from Mr. Terry O’Reilly’s story.

At the end, I would like to thank AWC for giving me this opportunity. Just as all stakeholders I met in this event, I will play my own role as a researcher to contribute tosustainable agriculture.

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