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FHB Mobile Friendly Risk Webapp, 2nd Instar

If you visited the Alberta FHB risk site last year (available here), there has been a few changes. The updated site went live on June 1st and growers can of course see the Fusarium Disease Severity Value gauge as well as the 10 day running risk from any of the more than 300 weather stations in Alberta to help in fungicide application decision making. 

There were quite a few features added this year including:

1. Weather station data 

























2. A prevailing wind map for each location that can be updated hourly 


























3. An almanac of growing season accumulated precipitation

4. Corn Heat Units

5. Frost free days

6. Monthly accumulated growing degree days











7. Information on Alfalfa Weevil, Bertha Army Worm, and Wheat Midge

8. Weather radar

9. weather alerts and fire weather index.

To take advantage of this free information visit the FHB risk tool online and click on the Mobile Webapp link on the left.

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