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FarmTech 2015 Wrap Up

Let me start with a rhetorical question. Was FarmTech? 2015 the best FarmTechTM ever?

The only low point of FarmTech? 2015 was when it wrapped up. As far as I am concerned, the biggest highlight was the Alberta Wheat Commission Annual General Meeting. Besides the regular good information offered at our AGM, Minister Ritz announced a contribution of up to $742 725 through AAFC’s AgriRisk Initiatives program for the AWC Crop Data and Price Reporting project (PDQ). A pilot website is already running at I would like to encourage all producers across the prairies to visit the site and submit a comment on what pricing information they need to better inform their marketing decisions.

For those of you who could not attend the AWC AGM, we would be more than happy to send you a copy of our annual report; just send us an email.

FarmTechTM 2015 sold out in record time this year which I think reflects well on the quality of speakers that the planning committee, of which I am a member, was able to deliver. I managed to catch at least a snippet of all of the keynote speakers and particularly enjoyed Colin Mochrie. It is always good to enjoy a laugh. I will not mention any names but the funniest part was when Colin had two audience members on stage and neither of them could think of a Beatles song.

I only managed to attend one concurrent speaker but do not feel bad for me because I was there to have the opportunity to chat with growers and hear their concerns.

The best thing about FarmTechTM is the opportunity to meet the bright, talented, people involved in producing food in Alberta, all in one place. I talked so much that I almost lost my voice, which is something that some people might consider a good thing.

The sum up, FarmTechTM 2015 was fantastic and I would say that even if I had not been involved behind the scenes. It was a fantastic feeling to see the fruits of the planning committee’s work come to life. I would like to thank Kristine, the event manager, who made that work vision come to life through her blood, sweat and tears.

I am already looking forward to FarmTechTM 2016!


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