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Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops Launches Code of Practice Consultations

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops (CRSC) has launched the consultations for Responsible Grain, a national and voluntary code of practice to demonstrate Canadian farmers’ care and commitment to the environment. The scientific-based code of practice is currently in draft form as the CRSC is seeking input from Canadian farmers.

The intent of the voluntary code of practice is to demonstrate farmers’ sustainable farming practices to aid in continual market access efforts and enhance public trust. Topics covered in the draft code of practice include soil and water management, nutrient management, pest and pesticide management, land use and wildlife as well as a section related to health and wellness. Farmers and industry stakeholders are encouraged to learn more and get involved by visiting

The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions have been integral in the development of the draft code of practice by contributing to the code development committee, the scientific advisory committee, and the communications and engagement committee. Additionally, Alberta Wheat Commission director Jason Lenz who farms near Bentley, Alberta serves as the Alberta farmer representative. Click the link to hear Jason Lenz speaking on the importance of the Responsible Grain code of practice

The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions encourage Alberta farmers to participate in the online consultations. In order to participate, farmers must register for an online introductory session in January 2021. Click the button below to learn more and register today!



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