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AFSC has contingencies in place to ensure inspectors are ready for assessments as seeding approaches

  • AFSC is encouraging farmers to monitor their fields and stay in close contact with their local inspectors. AFSC has assured us that they have drawn on lessons from the 2016 crop year situation and have contingencies in place to ensure the inspectors are set up and able to deal with any assessments and any necessary releases within two weeks or less, as seeding approaches.
  • Special contingencies have been put in place to deal with any foreseen obstacles related to the COVID-19 circumstances.
  • AFSC has indicated that it is imperative that farmers are monitoring their crops and communicating with your local branch offices and inspectors regarding your unharvested acres and your intentions with the use of those acres as seeding approaches.
  • AFSC is providing guidance to local offices to help farmers on a case-by-case basis to help farmers make necessary decisions on their unharvested acres.
  • To date, AFSC has processed almost all outstanding claims.
  • Wildlife assessments can be done on an ongoing basis.
  • The $74 million that was earmarked for AFSC in last week’s funding announcements will go toward making up the shortfall in AgriStability and insurance claims that have exceeded the amount projected for the 2019 growing year, due to the terrible harvest conditions.
  • In response to COVID-19, AFSC will offer loan payment relief through interest-only payments or payment deferrals.
  • To expedite processing, they have streamlined approval criteria and conditions may apply depending on individual circumstances. Payment deferral options are available for eligible participants.

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