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A Look Ahead to FarmTech 2015

The countdown to FarmTechTM 2015 is ticking and I am as excited as I was counting down to the start of the New Year. After last year’s show I was asking myself if it would ever be possible to top FarmTech?2014. The answer is absolutely!

I have been privileged to be part of the planning group again this year and we have all expended extra effort ensure that FarmTechTM remains Canada's premier crop production and farm management conference.FarmTechTM 2015 runs from January 25th through January 29th at the Edmonton EXPO Centre. The keynote speakers this year are Jason Dorsey, Lutz Goedde, Colin Mochrie, Rob Napier and Peter Mansbridge. Wow, I could easily write a couple pages on each of our keynote speakers.

The list of concurrent speakers is too long to include here and all of them would be great to see.

A full agenda and speaker information can be viewed on the FarmTechTM 2015 website:

You can also register to attend on the FarmTechTM 2015 website. I may sound like a cheesy TV sales person but as if all the above is not enough the AWC will be holding its AGM during FarmTechTM at 11:30 A.M. to 12:30 A.M. in Hall E at the Edmonton EXPO Centre. No admission is required!

Even better, the FarmTechTM 2015 show floor is full of some of the best, most innovative companies in ag, and one never knows who one will meet on the show floor, maybe even me.

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